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about us

We Provide Innovative Design, Personalized IT Solutions Consulting, Branding & SEO Optimization, Custom Development and much more all without Sacrificing Communication, Collaboration or your wallet.

We are young, talented, tech-creatives with big ideas and a keen focus on staying on the forefront of technology. We plan and develop exclusive design, development, infrastructure, data security, and much more, all uniquely designed for each client and company. Our goal is bringing success to our clients, because without that, we wouldn't succeed either. Overall, we're dedicated to bring you, your company, and ultimately your customers using proven tactics in the world of information technology and innovative solutions for 2019 and beyond. WRLD Logo


Graphic Design

We strive to create a unique and practical design for your company and/or website that will help your business or individual enterprise stand out among the noise.

Web Development

Development of complex web and mobile applications for various types of tasks, from web development to custom internal app development to streamline business processes.


We provide all the resources needed to make your business and brand stand apart. Not just online, but via print, VoIP solutions, and more. You’re special, so your branding should be as well.

Business IT Consulting

We work with you in an agile format to create a unique plan to provide comprehensive options your business' IT infrastructure, from data security audits to network installations.


We create proficient marketing strategies to drive a continuous stream of profitable traffic to your website and online presence, via SEO to targeted campaigns and more.

Secure Data Hosting

Client exclusive, ultra reliable, web and data hosting will accommodate your business's needs. We offer secure dedicated, PCI-compliant, enterprise-grade hosting. [HIPPA compliant!].

24/7 Support

We provide top notch support for all our clients, even well past project deliverables. The support we provide is from us and us alone, it's why we offer hosting!


We provide you clear UML documentation on all our work, a very important yet often overlooked need. It gives you the power to easily scale projects and much more!

Full E-Commerce

Providing full secure server technology with full PCI compliance, with complete managed merchant processing as we are certified and/or partnered with Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, Apple and many more payment processors!

Security First

We provide guaranteed security on all services hosted with us, providing PCI-EV SSL/TLS certificates at exclusive discounted rates with insurance up to 1MM or more, and free SSL certificates for non e-commerce needs!



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